You can call us by phone or email us and leave a message with your name, phone number and some good times to call you. We will respond to your request within 24 hours of receiving your message Monday through Friday. We will call to talk to you about your concerns and goals and then schedule you with a therapist that matches your needs. You are welcome to look at our "psychotherapists" webpage and let us know if you have a preference for which therapist you see.
This depends on whether your insurance coverage includes "Out-of Network" therapists. You will need to call your customer service representative to find out if they will reimburse you for your sessions with us. As we are "Out-of Network" therapists we cannot guarantee that they will, so it is important for you to make sure before you begin therapy. If they will reimburse you, we will provide you with a monthly statement with all the necessary information to submit to your insurance company.
Yes, we take payment at the time of your session. This means you pay upfront for our services and then get reimbursed by your insurance company once a month.
We would be happy to work with you, but it means that you would not get reimbursed by your insurance company. If you are unable to use your insurance we could discuss fee and see if the sliding scale could make it possible for you to work with a therapist at our center. The least expensive option for you would be to see an "In Network" provider from your health plan. You can contact your customer service representative from your insurance plan to get a list of therapists who are "in network."
No. If you have a Kaiser insurance plan you must see a Kaiser therapist. We can offer you the sliding scale if you are interested in working with a therapist at our center, but you would not get any reimbursement from your insurance company.
We accept one type of MediCal insurance; Partnership Health Plan.
No. Partnership Health Plan covers 100% of your costs. You do not need to pay upfront for the sessions.
Please call and leave a voicemail or email your therapist, as soon as you can, to let them know you will be cancelling your session. We require a minimum of 24-hours to cancel your session or you will be charged.
We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. This means that you need to cancel your session 24-hours before your session time in order not to be charged for the session.
Late cancellations are charged at your full session fee. Insurance plans will not reimburse this fee. In cases of illness or emergency, we do our best to reschedule your session to another time during the week.
Because we are unable to bill Partnership Health Plan for cancelled sessions, we have to limit the times you can late cancel or "no show." If you late cancel or "no show" for more than 3 sessions we will not be able to schedule any more appointments for you.
Sessions are typically 50-minutes. Sometimes your therapist might meet with you for a session and a half which is 75 minutes. This would be scheduled in advance and is usually for couples or family therapy sessions or for individuals when doing EMDR work.
Our fees vary depending on what service you are receiving (i.e. group vs. individual therapy) and which therapist you are seeing.
You can call or email us and we will be happy to discuss our fee structure.
We do have a sliding scale. Each therapist has their full fee, which varies depending on their years of experience and whether they are licensed or pre-licensed (an MFT Intern.) Each therapist can offer a sliding fee scale depending on your circumstance.
If you feel the full fee for our services is beyond your ability to pay then we would discuss your financial situation and determine what fee would work for you to obtain our services. If you still need a lower fee then we can provide we will refer you to non-profit agencies in the area that offer even lower fees.
Some are licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and some are Marriage and Family Therapy Interns.
A Marriage and Family Therapy Intern is someone who has their Master's Degree in Counseling or Clinical Psychology and is completing a post-graduate internship to gain 3000 hours of experience to qualify for their Board Exams.
Our MFT Interns have completed roughly 1,000 hours of experience before they come to the center.
A good fit between a therapist and their client is the most important element in effective treatment. If after one or two sessions you are feeling it is not a good fit you are welcome to call the Center and ask for a new therapist.
There is no set amount of time as everyone is unique and brings different concerns to therapy and has different goals in mind. Some therapies are brief (4-12 sessions) and some are longer term (more than 12 sessions.) However, you should feel that therapy is helping you. Even if your goals are longer term or you are addressing many concerns, you should feel that you are making progress. If you don't, you should talk to your therapist about your goals and what progress you are making.
Therapy works best when clients share their honest feedback with their therapists. Our therapists see the therapy relationship as a partnership. We count on knowing your honest feelings, thoughts and reactions so that we can better understand how to help. We know you are the expert on who you are and we honor your perspective. If you feel that the therapy isn't helping you or you don't agree with something your therapist suggests or says please let them know.